ThinLine Global Western Cinch

ThinLine Global Western Cinch

The ThinLine Western Cinch is made out of almost 100% ThinLine!

* Softness with Ventilating Breathable Technology
* Distributes Pressure Evenly
* Ani Bacterial and Anti Fungal for Healthy Skin
* No Rub
* Non Slip

Leather reinforcement tabs behind the buckles, 2 center D-rings, and nylon reinforcement connecting the buckles.

No elastic to overstretch or give out! The anti fungal features of the ThinLine foam keeps your horse’s skin healthy and allows for the use on multiple horses without the fear of spreading fungus like rain rot.

Available in Black or Dark Brown in 30″, 32″, or 34″

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ThinLine Global Best Friends Comfort Plus Bareback Pad

ThinLine Global Best Friends Comfort Plus Bareback Pad

Providing the ultimate in shock absorption and pressure distribution, the ThinLine/Comfort Plus Bareback pad is sure to keep horses and riders happy!

Best Friends and ThinLine join up to give you the Comfort Plus Bareback Pad

* Extraordinary Shock Absorption for Rider and Horse
* Natural seat with extreme comfort.
* Non-slip, breathable material against the horses back ensures the pad stays in place.
* This pad will not absorb sweat, and is easy to clean.
* Breathable ThinLine is bonded to high density polymer to provide a comfortable ride.
* Leather reinforced billets attach to the non-slip breathable girth.

Available in Black, One size fits all

The spine measures 23″ front to back, 13″ across the seat, 33″ from top billet hole to top billet hole of other side, 64″ from bottom billet hole to bottom billet hole on other side, and 32″ from flap to flap. The girth measures 25″.

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ThinLine Global Western Seat Saver

ThinLine Global Western Seat Saver

The ThinLine Seat Saver is so effective you have more time to:
* Engage your horse, adjust your position and apply the correct aids
* Superior Shock Absorption Sits you Comfortably
* Breathable and Thin

Available in Black or Dark Brown.

Western Seat saver measures 14.5″ at the widest point, 16.5″ long from cantle to horn.

Care Instructions: Seat savers don’t require washing. Keep your ThinLine Seat Savers away from chemicals such as show sheens, oils, or leather conditioners.

100% Made in America, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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ThinLine Sheepskin Comfort Western Square Pad

ThinLine Sheepskin Comfort Western Square Pad

Designed with a wither profile. The Ultra ThinLine is sewn in just the right place to support you and your saddle creating the best fit and feel you will have ever have!

Guaranteed to increase performance in both horse and rider this is one of our best products!

* Lightweight breathable Ultra ThinLine absorbs shock, stops saddle slip, and allows air flow.
* Increase harmony with your horse; Ultra ThinLine stabalizes riders seat making your aids more effective.
* Weight distribution and shock absorption create better saddle fit for a more comfortable ride.

This is the favorite western pad of Anky Van Grunsven (she has more olympic medals than just about anyone in the equine world!) Come see why she loves it! Buy this pad if you prefer sheepskin for your performance needs.

Colour: Black and measures 32″ x 32″

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NEW – ThinLine Saddle Pads & Accessories–accessories-133-c.asp

* THINLINE TECHNOLOGY: is a unique open-cell foam which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally. Beginning as a liquid, microscopic cells are poured into a mold then polarized so each cell lies end to end creating a tunnel, creating a honey comb matrix allowing impact and heat to move laterally like rings of water when you throw a stone into a quiet pond. So impact and pressure is dissipated ACROSS the ThinLine!

* RIDING: Competitors foams compress then as the rider weight lightens spring back launching the rider. Gels, in addition to creating heat, move with sheer force so the rider is always left a little behind the movement.
SADDLE FIT: other foams bottom out, meaning when weight or pressure is applied it crushes to the point it has no effect. Gels move away from pressure so a pressure point actually meets the body of the horse.
INTEGRITY & SOFTNESS allow ThinLine to flex and stretch over high withers, around bones, splints, girth or saddle pressure points without bottoming out e.g. reducing the amount of ThinLine in the area with the highest need of protection. When warmed to body temperature ThinLine products will conform to the horses back relieving pressure.
ANTI-MICROBIAL – All ThinLine products are infused with active USDA approved anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents rated USDA approved to remain active for 7 years. These agents allow for use on multiple horses. ThinLine products will aid in healthy skin reducing rain rot (scratches, mud fever).

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Professionals Choice VenTECH Equalizer Girth

NEW – Professionals Choice VenTECH Equalizer Girth

The Reinforced steel equalizer allows pressure to be evenly distributed to the billets to ensure a secure fit. Heavy-duty webbing with reinforced nylon stitching provides durability. With VenTECH™ Technology, ventilated waffle-patterned, non-slip neoprene holds saddles in place without over tightening. Quality neoprene lining won’t harbor bacteria and peels away for easy washing.

Sizes : 42” to 52”

Available in Black or Chocolate.

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NEW PRODUCT – Confidence EQ Gel – Calmer (Pack Of Ten Sachets)

Confidence EQ Gel – Calmer (Pack Of Ten Sachets)—calmer-pack-of-10-3546-p.asp

A synthetic copy of the equine appeasing pheromone. Since equine appeasing pheromone was identified, numerous studies have been conducted confirming its efficacy in controlling stress in commonly encountered situations in horses of all ages, including loading, travelling, environmental changes, training, events and social situations (weaning, farrier visits and vet visits). Available as a pack of 10 gel sachets which is applied just inside the nostrils of the horse.

The action of the gel works in 30 minutes and lasts approximately 2.5 hours after application.

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Panhandle Western Show Shirts

Panhandle Western Show Shirts

Large selection of shirts in various colours and sizes. Follow this link for more information…….

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GREAT FLY SPRAY – Absorbine Ultra Shield – Fly Spray & Insecticide

Absorbine Ultra Shield – Fly Spray & Insecticide 946 ml—fly-spray–insecticide-946-ml-24-p.asp

Ultra Shield Premises Spray for use in Equestrian and other premises. UltraShield, the most technically advanced insecticide and repellent, provides the ultimate protection for your horse. It is registered as a horse fly spray in the USA, but has not yet got the license in the UK.

It repels flies, mosquitoes and gnats for up to 14 days. Its water-based formulation has three active ingredients, contains two sunscreens, and is pleasantly scented with citronella. UltraShield can be used on all premises where animals are kept, as well as stalls and bedding.

* 3 active ingredients: Natural Pyrethrins (from chrysanthemums), Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide
* Repels and controls house, stable, horn, face, horse, deer flies, mosquitos & gnats. Kills fleas and ticks. Pleasant citronella scent.

Size: 946ml

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NEW IN….. Western Suede Chap with Leather Waistband

Western Suede Chap with Leather Waistband

Quality suede chaps with waistband made in Wickett & Craig leather
With long spaghetti fringes and strong YKK zipper

With baby basket (B) or flower (F) tooling on waistband

Size : Standard sizes :
S/M – S/L – M/M – M/L – L/M – L/L – XL/M – XL/L – XL/XL – XXL/M – XXL/L
Also available in custom made sizes

Colour of Chaps:
Black, Beige or Rust

Waistband Colour:
Russet, Chestnut, Dark Chestnut, Brown

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